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Watch Rear Fender

Watch Rear Fender

Rear Fender

2018 - 2024 Goldwing Maintenance • 3m 22s

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  • Engine oil and filters change DCT model

    This video covers how to change your oil and filter(s) on the DCT model. The procedure is different for the 6-speed manual model. There are two oil filters on the DCT model, a standard crankcase oil filter and a DCT clutch filter. If you own a 6-speed manual transmission model, you can find that ...

  • Change Engine Oil and Filter (Manual ...

    Changing the oil and filter on a 6-speed manual transmission model is different than on the DCT model. If you own a DCT, follow the directions on the link below:

  • Final drive oil change

    The final drive gear oil should be changed every 10,000 miles or 16,000 km. This video will show you how to properly change the fluid. You should always wear protective gloves and eye wear when working with chemicals.